Since 1981 Laban has been producing writing articles with the highest quality and the highest technology. The classic style of our collections is reinforced with the current technology. Materials such as synthetic resin, acetate, walnut, oak or steel, combine to give rise to the Laban collections.

Only the best parts, and the best materials are used in our collections.

Laban was created in 1981, and has since been manufactured in Taiwan. Most of the materials are of Italian and German origin, hence the high quality and reliability of our products. All parts are reviewed by our staff before they reach the market.

At present, Laban writing instruments are distributed in 3 continents: Asia, Europe and America. The company has commercial affiliates of writing instruments in Spain, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Austria.

Laban has the following rechargeable writing instruments: pens, pencils, gel ink pens, multifunctional pens and fountain pens. All of our writing instruments and personal accessories are sold to the corporate gifts market.

All models have been carefully designed so that balance-weight ratio is correct, allowing you to enjoy the freedom and confidence of writing. Both the stoneware made of wood and the pieces in question are polished 3 times in a process of high reliability that guarantees an unbeatable finish.

Our extensive collection offers various designs ranging from the use of 3 and 5 microns (3-5u) wood and silver baths, to the use of 925 sterling silver and acetate as high quality materials and durability.

It is also worth mentioning the Ebonite as an innovative material of great qualities. This mixture of rubber, sulfur and mineral dust is impermeable, electrical insulation and resistant to certain corrosive substances and atmospheric agents while remaining of the most beautiful collections.

The wood from which furniture is made (scribes, exhibitors, plumieres, etc.) are treated with the utmost care and lacquered by hand to obtain a better result. Likewise, said wood is different in each case. Walnut, oak and alder are three of the most characteristic. Thanks to its texture and attractive color we obtain multiple finishes for different tastes.

In the past Laban was awarded for its design. Thanks to the Dragon pen, Laban was awarded the COVETED LEWIS & CLARKE award. This award is given by the ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ART OF LONDON. The Dragon Pen is a special edition of 50 units in 22-carat gold and 800 units in 925-sterling silver.